About Us

I had the idea for Print my PDF when I couldn't sleep one night in July 2012.

I have owned another company called OTC Ltd since 2002. It was started in 1978 to provide printed and bound camera manuals to people who had either bought a camera with no manual or who had lost their manual. Its website can be found at www.Camera-Manual.com.

Over the last few years OTC has expanded to also offer printed and bound manuals for smartphones at www.Smartphone-Manual.com and tablets at www.Tablet-Manual.com. Smartphones and tablets don't come with a printed manual, the manual is usually only provided online on the manufacturer's website. While some people never read a manual, or are happy to read it online, many still prefer to read a printed version. When they find that the manual is typically over 200 pages long they don't want to print the manual on their home printer, which costs a fortune in ink and paper, and leaves them with hundreds of loose sheets of paper.

OTC now has over 500,000 customers in over 100 countries.

I realised was that there must be thousands of people who had other types of PDFs they wanted printed and bound which OTC could never keep in stock. If a PDF is only a few pages long it is fine to print it at home. However, once it is hundreds of pages long it is simply impractical to print it at home. Regular printers will never print one copy of anything. They usually have a minimum of at least 10 copies.

So what was the solution for someone who had a PDF with hundreds of pages which they wanted printed and bound, but only wanted one or two copies? The answer was there was no solution. I wondered if we could provide a service for people who want a PDF with hundreds of pages printed and bound but only wanted one or two copies.

This is what Print my PDF provides. You upload your PDF. We automatically count the number of pages in the PDF and give you a price to print it, in your choice of size and binder, in your local currency. You place your order and we send you the printed and bound book back by return.

Print my PDF only started in 2012 but we already have over 16,000 customers and have printed and bound over 20,000 different files.

We work out of beautiful offices in a 16th century farm house in Oxfordshire. We have a team of dedicated staff whose aim is to process your order as quickly and professionally as possible. Orders we receive in the morning will be sent in the afternoon. Orders we receive in the afternoon will be sent the next working day. We send by First Class post so orders to the UK should arrive the following day, orders to Europe should arrive in 4-6 days and orders to the rest of the world should arrive in 7-10 days.

If you decide, for whatever reason, that you don't want what we have produced for you just send it back to us for a full, no questions asked, refund.

If you need to contact us please email us at hello@print-my-pdf.com.

If you have any issues regarding anything at Print my PDF please email me directly at jeff@print-my-pdf.com. I really do appreciate any feedback and suggestions.

Kind regards

Jeff Seymour
Managing Director, Print my PDF Ltd