Frequently asked questions

Your service is superb

Just to let you know I think your service is superb. Not only did you deliver my PDF within 24 hours but you changed my order so I can read the text more easily.
I was aware that the text was very small so it was no surprise. Many thanks for your thoughtfulness.
Well done!

Hugh McCann
Sterling, Scotland

I am a very happy customer!

I received my spiral bound book today. It is simply beautiful!! I am a very happy and satisfied customer and I will tell everybody that I can about your service.

Jim Annerton

Very well done!

Just a quick note regarding the above order which has arrived today.
I am usually the first person to print out a hard copy of pdf's for my use but having now used your service, no longer!Not only have you delivered very quickly just 2 days after ordering, the book is very good indeed.
Will definitely use this facility again.Very well done!

Glen Schild

Highly professional

I ordered 2 A4 booklets, one spiral bound and one simply bound, on Thursday morning and was amazed by the delivery and quality of service to receive the items on Friday.
The items are highly professional especially the spiral bound item. I can now take my published PDFs to any interview or meeting with confidence and will be using you again.Many thanks

Justin Tarrant

Thank you!

I just want to say thank you for the manual which you printed for my new camera.
I had downloaded the full manual to my computer but, at two pages per A4 sheet, I would have printed over eighty sheets and then had to find a home for them.
Never mind all the ink it would have used. I hadn't tried this site before, (recommended by sister site OTC) but it was very easy to upload the saved file and the order I placed last Sunday night was delivered on the Tuesday. Very quick delivery of a very professionally finished manual.
I would not hesitate to order from you again. Thank you.

Sharon Smith

I have told about a million people about it!

I have to tell you that this is the best service imaginable.
I have told about a million people about it! Thanks!

Maggie Wood

Excellent and innovative service

Thank you for providing such an excellent and innovative service. My nicely bound camera manual is totally invaluable in that form. As a PDF it would be virtually useless.

Nick Martin

Exemplary service

I now downloaded a copy of the manual to my computer. It's OK for reference at home but with a new camera it is essential to have a portable means of sorting out problems and A5 is a handy size.
I'm sure that you are well aware of this and obviously spotted a niche-market for such a product. Good luck to you.
I am delighted with the manual and you can be assured that, should the need arise in the future, I shall look no further than yourselves to supply me.
My friends and relations will certainly be told of your product and exemplary service for which I cannot thank you enough.

Ken Westgate

Brilliant quality, brilliant service

Gentlemen, Received my order today, what can I say?
Brilliant quality, brilliant service. At last someone who cares.
Many, many thanks.

Terry Brodie

Ridiculously fast delivery

I ordered on the 23rd of December fully expecting to wait until the new year for delivery. But the very next day, Christmas Eve, it arrived at noon.
I am very pleased with both the product and the ridiculously fast delivery (given the time of year). Thanks loads guys!

Craig Allan

Excellent service

Just a line to say thank you for your excellent service -
ordered yesterday delivered 20 minutes ago.

Arthur Harrison

Delighted with it

Book received today. Delighted with it.
Great service will recommend & wouldn't hesitate to use again.

Carol Sewell

Well done and many thanks

I ordered a spiral bound version of the manual for the Samsung Tablets my wife and I have bought each other for Christmas. I didn't place the order until Sunday evening and was amazed when it arrived in the post yesterday.
Well done and many thanks. I will gladly recommend your service to anyone who asks.

Kiff Miles

Great service

Thanks for printed PDF, which was perfect! Great service.

Derek Ansell

I am very pleased

I am very pleased with my printed manual and I will be recommending your product to my friends.
If I need a printed manual in the future I will contact your company.

Jean Tansley

Great job

You did a great job - thank you.

Jean Kendrick

Extremely fast

This morning I received my ordered copy of the MP Manual printed by Print-my-pdf. Personally, I can thoroughly recommend this service. It was extremely fast, and I found the quality of the print in this little A5 book superb - better than I ever achieved on my cheap home printer!
For me, there is a lot more convenience in having a bound manual over loose sheets in a ring file, and it takes up far less space! Personally I am not worried by lack of colour in the printing. The binding is firm and good.
IMHO this is a useful service, and it's one I intend using for other PDFs I would prefer to have as books.

Absolutely brilliant

Having just printed and put into A4 punch pockets a 105 page manual for my new phone, I came across your web site. I then ordered two A5 spiral bound books, one to replace the heavy document I had just printed and one for my wife's phone.
They arrived within a couple of days following a hassle free uploading process and they are absolutely brilliant, I don't know how you do it for the price!
I would recommend your service to anyone.

Trevor Vaisey

Many, many thanks

Many, many thanks for sending me the spiral bound copy of the Pentax manual, which arrived this morning. I greatly appreciate it.
I have ordered from you in the past and will do so again, whenever the need arises.
Happy with the service I receive, I have and will continue to recommend your company.

Richard Trevail-Phillips

Delighted with the product

Have just received my printed copy of the Canon camera manual - over 200 pages. Delighted with the product. Delivered within two days of order. Will certainly recommend this service to friends.

Sylvia Lacey

Superb service

I am delighted with the results for both the Spiral Bound, A5 size car owner’s manual and the Spiral Bound, A6 Digital Camera user manual.
They are both so clearly printed, as were the Thermal Bound ones that I purchased from you, but they have the advantage of being able to fold the pages back over the rest of the book.
Add that to the superb service and speed of delivery from your company, I would recommend anybody to purchase books from Print-My-PDF if they want the best of products and service.

Peter Bagnall

Another very happy customer!

Another very happy customer! Now I can properly begin to learn how to use my new camera while I have some time to do it on holiday.
I got an A6 instruction manual and all 350 pages of it are clear and readable and it fits in my pocket. I didn't want to take my laptop on holiday just to access the PDF instructions that came with the camera.
What a brilliant solution, way better than anything I could have printed myself!

Nadine Morgan

Amazingly good quality

I've just had two instruction manuals back from you. Amazingly good quality in both efficiency of service and workmanship.
The turn around from submission of the pdf files was as stated...12 hours only and very cost effective.
Brilliant and I will use the service again and would recommend anyone to avail themselves of the process.

Dave Hall

Your service is truly superb!

After some initial correspondence with you regarding my order, I only authorised payment via PayPal quite late yesterday. Yet today, by the first post, my manual has arrived!
This has surely got to be some kind of record! Your service is truly superb! I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am about this, and to send you my sincere thanks.
All the very best for your business.

Peter Case

Thanks for the prompt service

May I express my thanks for the prompt service that you give. Both my recent orders have been dealt with immediately and the quality of the printed manuals is of a high order.
I have passed your website details to two members of my family with strict instructions to take advantage of your first class product.
Again, many thanks.

Ralph Lines

Print quality - Fantastic!

Just want to say thank you! The Manual for my depth finder is awesome. Now I can keep one on my boat at all times.
Print quality - Fantastic! Not only will I order again I will highly recommend you.
Can't beat the price either. Thank You.

Joe Perry

Very pleased with both product and service

Very pleased with both product and service.
I found you at just the right time.
Won't hesitate to use your services again, and recommend you.

Richard Trevail-Phillips

Very satisfied with the work

Just wanted to say, I received my printed PDF file today and I must say I was very satisfied with the work and delivery speed.
I work for an organisation that reviews software for challenged people and we shall definitely recommend your work.

Graham Hadlington

Excellent idea - Reasonable prices

Congratulations and thank you!
When I bought my new digital camera I was disappointed to find that the instruction manual was in PDF format on a CD. I like to know what my cameras are capable of.
I had a look on the internet and found your website almost by accident. My computer expert (My wife) had a look and we decided to risk it.
Uploading the Manual PDF file I found to be a piece of cake, but your claims about delivery times, I found more difficult to accept.
I should have been more trusting. We uploaded the data at lunchtime on Wednesday, and the complete, neatly bound manual dropped through my letterbox at 9am this morning, (Friday).
It looks neat and complete - Thank you I shall recommend you to any of my friends with similar problems.

Anthony Mason

A really, really good service!

On Tuesday of this week I ordered a print off my 248 page camera manual from you bound as a book.
I thought that the price you quoted was very reasonable.
I was seriously impressed when it arrived in Wednesday morning’s post.
A really, really good service!!

Mike Hearn

The quality of the manual is excellent

Received the manual today for my camera that I ordered from you. After discovering it would be 193 pages, I couldn't face printing it myself.
I'm really, really pleased....the quality of the manual is excellent, the size (A6) is perfect for my handbag and the speed of delivery was outstanding.
I'm very happy.
I will definitely be recommending you. Good service.

Carole Dorran

Superb customer service

Thank you for the Instruction Manuals for my two digital cameras.
I would like to thank you for your superb customer service, it is rare today for a company to be so efficient.

Donald Pratt

Super-fast turn round

Got my Ukulele Sundays songbook printed up as an A5 booklet. Great job.>br>Thanks Guys and super-fast turn round. I'll be showing this to all my uking mates - I think they'll all want one......

Derek Hayes

What a wonderful prompt and quality service.

Thank you so much for my printed PDF.
What a wonderful prompt and quality service.
How easy it is now for me to look up what and when I need to to.

A Janes

Neat idea

This is a very neat idea.

Ian Sheppard